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[su_note note_color=”#eeefef” radius=”0″]Hello folks, this is Saurav Pokhrel from beautiful city of Kathmandu. I feel I am blessed to help the WordPress community with the help of this website. Without WordPress life is never beautiful for me as it brings joy in my face every single day.

Apart from WordPress I love watching football. Every weekend I watch football (premier league). I love playing with pets. I like to travel.[/su_note]

Published on May 2, 2017 as a website that aims to provide unbiased reviews of WordPress Themes and plugins to the WordPress Community, WordPress developers, and WordPress enthusiast. This site is quickly growing go-getters from WordPress Community all around the world.

I provide WordPress  news and unbiased reviews of WordPress themes and plugins for our users (although we are affiliate marketers). Our sharing of knowledge is unique to others. I try to convey the information in easy way as possible so that confusion may not arise.

I try understand the problems that WordPress users are facing in daily basis by asking them personally. I provide tutorials for the WordPress beginners in easy way possible. My tutorials will be unique in comparison to other Websites as we provide clear and easy understandable tutorials.

So, these questions may arise to anyone

1. Why should someone read my blog?

I aim to provide correct and essential information to our users in easily understandable way. I try to include every necessary information. While reviewing any WordPress themes and plugins, I don’t overhype any products. I am for users and by users.

2. Which type of post do we write?

Every WordPress related News, facts is our primary target. I write unbiased review of WordPress Themes and plugins.

3. Why does our blog have credibility?

Yes, this question is genuine to arise. wpreviews.org is new out in the market. But my experience is never new. I have been working with WordPress for more than 2 years. I like to research, analyze and work on WordPress. I like to share the things I face. Example of this can be seen in my themes and plugins review and News.

4. How did our site start?

As I mentioned above I like to research, analyze, work and share the WordPress stuffs. We decided to work on this so that we can contribute to WordPress community. With that I slowly started working on this and finally I launched it effectively in May 2, 2017. Since then I am helping to solve issues that WordPress users are facing in daily basis.

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