How to add WordPress Favicon?

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Today, I am here with the short and descriptive Tutorial on how to add WordPress Favicon to your blog.

To begin with, You must know first about the site icon generator or simply favicon generator. If you don’t have any idea of design, there are sites for you like

To make more easier, there are WordPress favicon plugin that helps you even more if you don’t know how to design.

You can make Favicon image in different format. Most preferred format is ICO file. It allows multiple image and resolution in one file.

You can set your image to different size (48X48, 32X32, 16X16). These are the standard WordPress Favicon size.

But for normal designer like me, PNG is always best choice. The only disadvantage factor of using PNG file is that old browser may not display image properly. Plus point about using PNG format is we can create easily using Photoshop.

How to add WordPress Favicon to your site

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. In the left side of your dashboard, click on Appearance>Customize,
  3. After that click on Site identity,
    Adding Site icon
  4. Click on select image under the Site Icon option,Adding Favicon WordPress
  5. Upload your great favicon,
  6. You will see your uploaded WordPress Favicon appearing there,adding WordPress favicon
  7. Click Save and Publish option.

This are the steps to change favicon WordPress.

So these are the things  what we learned about WordPress favicon

  • WordPress Favicon or Site icon plays vital role to establish strong visual identity. It mainly helps when there are many tabs in web browsers
  • There are different file formats for WordPress Favicon. It is better if you use ICO and PNG format.
  • Favicon dimension can be 48X48 px, 32X32 px, 16X16 px.
  • Site icon can be designed online from the sites listed above.

There might be problem sometime while uploading the WordPress Favicon saying “Site icon not working”.

This problem is not the major issue. It may arise due to some plugins. All you need to do is deactivate plugin one by one and it may work.

And your WordPress Favicon not showing then you can see here for your solution.

You can also see plugins like all in one favicon.

Adding WordPress favicon manually in function.php is difficult task for the newbies. Also it is time consuming task.

After All, there are four method to add WordPress Favicon

  1. Using site identity option
  2. Using theme option
  3. Adding Manually using function.php
  4. From plugins
  5. Also, Your Gravatar as Favicon.

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Will be back with new tutorials next week. Have a good day.