Avada WordPress theme review 2020

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Would you all agree with me when I say WordPress is beautiful because of themes and plugins?

Would you oppose me when I say WordPress is the best platform for the webmasters? Of course, no one will.

This is all easy to believe because users are using WordPress every day. They know every feature of WordPress. They are using it for long period of time.

Again, Would you agree when I say Avada is best WordPress theme?

The one who uses Avada theme would agree with me.


The one who doesn’t use Avada theme would never agree.

No problem, Avada WordPress theme review will explain every feature of the Avada theme. We will try to make the user more familiar with Avada theme in Avada WordPress theme review section.

Don’t worry guys we won’t make you fall asleep.

Here we go,

Avada WordPress theme review

What is Avada?

Avada is the masterpiece multipurpose responsive theme. It was developed by the developers at theme fusion. The developers of this theme are from different parts of the world. Avada theme was founded by Luke Beck from USA in 2012 AD. Theme Fusion is a creative and dedicated group of single individuals. Theme Fusion is all about amazing design. It is most sold theme on ThemeForest.

Features of Avada

  • WordPress jpeg quality(ranges from 1-100, higher the number greater the quality).
  • Smooth Scrolling.
  • Fusion Builder Element Below Every Text Editor.
  • Code Block Encoding.
  • Avada Styles For Revolution Slider.
  • Avada Dropdown Styles.
  • CSS Animations (also on mobiles).
  • CSS Image Hover Animations on Mobiles.
  • YouTube API Scripts.
  • Vimeo API Scripts.
  • Google map and ToTop Script(on mobile too).
  • Fusion slider and elastic slider options.
  • FontAwesome icons.
  • Open Graph Meta Tag.
  • Rich snippets.
  • Developer mode option (Activating developers mode will load non-combined and non-minified javascript files, which is used for development only).

These are the highlighted features of Avada WordPress theme. Moving towards next sub-topic under Avada WordPress theme review.

Fusion Builder:

Fusion Builder is a plugin by theme-fusion. It comes with the Avada WordPress Theme. From the name, it is clear that it helps in building the page. Fusion Builder has 4 tabs. The first tab is Column option. Column option consist of the following layout

The next tab is builder elements. The below screenshot will show you what builder element contains.

Next two tabs are of templates. You can save your own custom template or use the prebuilt templates.

Fusion builder options are shown in the screenshot below:

Features on dashboard of Avada

As per the Avada WordPress theme  review section, this section explains the features of Avada theme. There are much more features of this theme. In this Avada WordPress theme review section, we will shortly explain every feature of Avada.

Remember, we are talking about the dashboard of Avada.

1) Layout:

 Avada has two types of layouts i.e, boxed and wide layout. Wide layout completely fills the window. Boxed layout displays the content in a boxed format. Boxed layout plays the key role when you want to insert the background image to a page.Another feature that layout option provide is site width, a CSS option.You can set the width of the page as per your wish. You should enter the valid CSS unit in the box. for example 1100px, 1.2rem, etc.

Page content padding is the another option. It allows users to set the top and the bottom padding of the content. Simply you need to assign the valid CSS values. It works as per your assigned value. For the one who doesn’t know padding, you can search on google.

Similarly, Interesting left and right content padding can also be done. You can set your own CSS value. But you should remember that this option works when site width is set to 100%.

Sidebar layout is another feature of the avada theme under layout option. You can use this feature for both single and dual sidebar. You can control the width of than interesting feature is that when you use the dual sidebar, it has the option to control the width of both sidebars.

In my opinion, these are enough features for layout. It will bring an amazing experience to your WordPress career.

As per the Avada theme review section, the menu is next feature of Avada theme. The menu contains five amazing features. I am mentioning those features by bold letters. Main menu option contains many features. To be honest, explaining every feature on the single page isn’t possible. So here we will discuss only the important features under this option.

  • It allows you to set the height of the menu bar. Next, it also allows you to set the width of the highlight bar. In addition to this, it allows you to set padding for main menu items.
  • Next, it allows you to set the dropdown width, item padding, dropdown divider, to your desired CSS value. Further, it also allows you to set the background color, background hover color, and separator color.
  • Next, it allows you to set menu typography. In addition to this, it allows you to set the font size and font color of the main menu items. It also allows you to set the color of the font for the dropdown.

Similarly, the same type of message is displayed for the secondary top menu feature. We will discuss later on header layout option under Avada WordPress theme 2020 review.

Next important feature is the mobile menu. No doubt, mobile users are increasing day by day. In my opinion, this option is very important for every webmaster. Every feature is same as in the main menu.

In fact, Mega menu is one important for the one who sells their own products i.e. e-commerce sites. But it may not be good for SEO. The Mega menu may create duplicate content. For further information on SEO, you may search on google.

One question

When was WordPress released [Full date]?(please don’t google it)

The answer will be revealed before another question.

Moving onto the next feature under avada WordPress theme 2020 review, we will discuss the most important part of web development, responsiveness.

3. Responsiveness:

Many web developers are primarily focused on the mobile web design. As the mobile users are increasing day by day, 90% of the webmasters are turning their focus on mobile first” web design. So I think the responsive feature is key to this theme. Let’s talk about the features.

You can turn on/off the responsive design. If your website is designed only for PCs there is no problem turning off the responsive design. Grid responsive breakpoint controls the grid layouts (blog or portfolio) when it starts to break into smaller columns. Header responsive breakpoint controls when the desktop header is changed to the mobile header.

Another is the content responsive breakpoint. It controls the site content when viewed on smaller devices. Content includes the portion below the header including the footer. It allows mobile device zoom options.

You might have noticed that font size are not same in desktop and mobile. This is also one way to make the responsive site. Avada theme also provides such features.Responsive heading typography when turned on provide further two options-Responsive typography sensitivity and minimum font size factor. 

The CSS value of responsive typography value ranges from 0 to 2. When the value is less than 1, the rate of resizing decreases. Minimum font size factor determines the distance between the heading and body font size by multiplying the value. The value ranges from 0-4. You can set your own value.

To make a long story short, bold letters are the main feature under responsiveness.

We are moving towards the next features under avada WordPress theme 2020 review section.


There is not more to discuss the features under the color option.It contains general color option. Furthermore, color options for specific areas are available under their own options. For example, menu color is available under menu option.

“Colors,like features,follow the changes of the emotions”- Pablo Picasso

Predefined Theme Skin, Predefined Color Scheme, primary colors are the features.


Under the header option, there are several features that Avada theme provide.

Header content feature allows you to set the header position. You can place the header at left, right or at center.After that header padding, main menu height and logo will auto adjust. Previously I have discussed header option in Menu.

There are six header layouts from #1 to #6. Flyout menu is available in Header layout #6. Screenshot above will show all the header layouts of this theme. Similarly, secondary menu is available when you select the header layout between #2 to #5. Slider position feature is also available.

Avada theme also allows you to set the header background image. You can control the background image width, repeat background. You can also experience the parallax scrolling effect on the background image. But it is only available for top header position.

Header styling tab allows the user to edit the CSS of the header. You can control the padding, header shadow, width of the header, header background color. Header background color only works when the background image is absent.

Another important feature that Avada theme provide is the sticky header. Sticky header option allows you to set the sticky menu on tablets and mobile phones. Next, you can control background color, item padding and font size of the sticky header.

It might be little tough at the beginning to use this theme. But once you keep going you will enjoy it.

Before moving to next feature, you all might know the answer to the previous question. The answer is May 27, 2003.

6. Logo:

There are many features under this option. You can align your logo left, right or at center. You can also control the margins of the logo. Avada theme allows you to upload retina version of the logo. It must be 2x time the size of the main logo. Further, it also allows you to upload the sticky logo and mobile logo. 

Similarly, you can upload your website favicon. It provides separate options for iPhone and iPad. You must upload specified size of the logo and favicon.

7. Page title bar:

On this Avada WordPress theme 2020 review section, we will talk about how the title bar is displayed on the website.You can display or hide the title bar. Next, under the styling option, you can set the width of the width of the title bar to window size i.e, 100%. Similarly, you can set page title height of PCs and mobile to your desired value. All other options are very common like background color, border colors, font size, font colors etc.

Similarly, Avada theme allows you to upload the background image on the title bar. You can also upload an image for retina version of the page title bar. It allows you to use parallax scrolling effect on the background image.

Breadcrumbs option allows you to set the breadcrumbs in the title bar. Breadcrumb prefix, breadcrumb separator, breadcrumb font size, font color are the common feature under this options. No doubt, you can display the post category and archives in the breadcrumbs path.

8. Sliding bar:

There is the option called sliding bar in the Avada theme. You can use sliding bar on desktop and mobile. You can turn on the sliding bar when the page loads. This helps a website to convey some important message for their clients.You can have the maximum of 6 columns in sliding bar.

You can style sliding bar in your own way. CSS options allow you to set the background color, item divider color, toggle icon color. Similarly, it also allows you to set the sliding bar heading font size, color, font, link color.

9. Footer:

This is the ninth option under the Avada WordPress theme 2020 review section. Footer is always important on the website. It is called last CTA (Call To Action). You can turn on or off footer widget. The maximum number of widgets available in the footer is 6. You can also center footer widgets content. Next, there are 4 special effects for a footer area Footer Parallax Effect, Parallax Background Image, Sticky Footer, Sticky Footer and Parallax Background Image are special effects for a footer area.

Copyright bar allows displaying the content of the copyright. You can center the copyright bar content as per your wish. Copyright text allows you to write the content of the copyright.

You can also set the background image on the footer. No doubt, it also provides styling options for the background image.

Footer styling tab allows you to set the footer width, padding, background color, border size, border color, etc.  It also allows you to control the copyright bar to your desired width, background color, border color, etc. Further, Footer typography allows you to set the font color, size, font family, link color, line height, letter spacing, etc.

10. Sidebars:

This option allows you to set the background color, title background color, heading font size, and heading color. You can select global page sidebar. Next, you can place global page sidebar either left or right.

Similarly, you can also select global portfolio sidebar and rest options are similar to global page sidebar.

Further, you can also add portfolio archive sidebar. It will only be displayed on portfolio archive pages.

Avada theme allows you to set the Global sidebar for the blog postsIf you don’t want global sidebar for your blog post, you can turn off this option. If allowed, rest options are similar to global page sidebar.

Blog archive sidebar has the similar option of the portfolio archive sidebar.

In Search page of your site, you can assign sidebar as per your wish. After that rest option is similar to the global page sidebar.

11. Background:

Background option allows you to set the background color and background image of the main content area.

Next, if you use boxed layout, it allows you to select an image to use for the outer background area in boxed mode. Similarly, it also allows you to set the background color of the outer background area in boxed mode. You can also set your own background pattern.

12. Typography:

Typography option includes body typography, headers typography, and custom fonts.

Body typography of the Avada theme allows you to control the font weight, font family, backup font family, font size, line height, letter spacing, font color and link color.

In the same way, Header Typography has similar options for all type of headings (h1,h2,h3 etc.). The option includes same as in body typography. Only two things are added- margin top and margin bottom.

Custom font option allows you to upload the custom font to use throughout the site. You can upload as many custom font as you need.

13. Shortcodes styling:

So far we have dealt with the 12 options in Avada WordPress theme 2020 review. Shortcodes styling option allows you to style every shortcode. Some of the shortcodes are animations, blog shortcodes, carousel shortcodes,  pricing table shortcodes, social icon shortcodes, popover shortcodes, etc.

14. Blog:

General Blog option only controls the assigned blog page or post in the setting>reading of the Avada theme dashboard.It doesn’t control blog shortcode. It only controls Date format options and loads more post button color of blog shortcode. You can display page title bar as per your wish. Remember page title bar not the post title bar. It allows you to write the title and subtitle text that displays in the page title bar of the assigned blog page.It allows you to set the Blog layout to the grid, timeline, medium, large, medium alternate and large alternate. Similarly, same layout option is available for the Blog archive layout.

 You can select your pagination style. Grid layout columns allow you to set the maximum of 6 columns.Grid Layout Column Spacing allow you to control the amount of spacing between columns for the grid layout when using it for the assigned blog page. Avada theme allows you to display full content or excerpt content. No doubt, you can control excerpt length. Next, you can strip HTML content from the excerpt for the assigned blog page. It allows users to set the year, month, date, and day format as per their wish. Finally, featured image or video may or may not be displayed as per users wish.

In the same way, single blog post contains similar options as a general blog. Here I will discuss extra options. You can turn on/off the author info box, social sharing box, related posts, and comments. Further, you can set the page title above or below the featured image or video.

Blog meta options contain same options as in single blog posts. But one thing to notice is that date format. For setting this format you must know little about the format characters. Not to worry you can easily learn on WordPress codex.


Under the Avada WordPress theme 2020 review section, Portfolio is next feature to be explained. This option only controls the portfolio page template and portfolio archive. It doesn’t control recent work shortcode. The option that works with the recent work shortcode is “load more” post button color.

You can display up to 50 portfolio items per page. In General portfolio option, you can set the portfolio archive layout.  In the same way, you can set the portfolio archive column spacing to your desired value. You can turn on/off to strip HTML content from the excerpt for portfolio page templates or portfolio archive pages. You can control portfolio text layout to boxed or unboxed.

The slug name cannot be the same name as your portfolio page or the layout will break. Portfolio slug changes the permalink when you use the permalink type as %postname%. Next, you can set portfolio featured image size to fixed or auto.

Portfolio single post allows you many options. You can set featured image column size to full/half width. It allows you to turn on/off the project description title. Similarly, you can show project detail if you wish.  You can turn on/off the Comment section of your portfolio page. Similarly, you can display social sharing box and related projects.

16. Social media options:

Avada theme controls the social network that displays in header and footer. This option doesn’t control the Avada social widget, social link shortcode or person shortcode.

You can set Header social icon font size, Header Social Icon Tooltip Position, Header Social Icon Color Type, Header Social Icon Color. Also, you can box the header social icon.

Same sorts of options are there for the Footer social icons.

Social sharing box allows you to edit every CSS options. Further, you can turn on/off the social icons under this option.

You can add you social icons in Social media link option. A little bit of topic is left to discuss in avada WordPress theme 2020 review.

17. Contact form:

This option is only for the contact form that is displayed on the “Contact” page template. Avada includes contact page with a built-in contact form. Avada theme has included integration with reCAPTCHA that gives users protection against spam. You can get the reCAPTCHA site key and a secret key by following the simple steps by clicking the link given in those options.

Under the Google map option, Avada allows you to select the type of map to be displayed. You can set zoom level, Google map address pin, map zoom with a scroll wheel.

Google map styling option allows you to style the Google map in your desired way. Now moving towards next option in avada WordPress theme 2020 review.


Under the extra option, there are many other options. I will not talk about the common options. The miscellaneous option consists many features. You can add “no follow” to social links.  You can control the comments on the regular page. Next, you can add excerpt throughout the site.

Similarly, you can set the maximum number of columns for related posts, columns spacing. Also, you can autoplay the related post.

Some of the features under this options are Featured Image Rollover, pagination, forms styling and grid box styling.

19. Advanced options:

We are moving towards the end of Avada WordPress theme 2020 review. The advanced option allows you to use advanced features like code fields, theme features, and dynamic CSS. Theme Feature is already explained in the beginning of Avada WordPress theme 2020 review. Code field option let you add tracking codes. Tracking codes will be automatically added to the header template of the theme.

Dynamic CSS option allows compiling the dynamic CSS into a file. A separate file will be created for each of your pages & posts inside of the uploads/Avada-styles folder. Avada theme also allows enabling caching the dynamic CSS in your database.

Cache server IP  is the next feature under this option.

Next is Custom CSS option. You can add your own CSS here. Your CSS code overrides the theme CSS.

Final Words:

It is still insufficient. This theme is very good for the webmasters. For the beginners, it might turn out to be tough. So many features for such a low price is a bargain. I have used so many themes but this theme has got more options than other themes. In my opinion, this counts on one of the best theme I’ve ever used. But Avada theme has a little problem, great support forum as compared to other themes. You can install the demos. As compared to Enfold theme, Avada theme has not got good comments. Sometimes child theme doesn’t work. Though it has vast options available it still lacks something. It’s not always good to point out complaints. So let’s appreciate their work. I would rate this theme 4.4/5. You check price here. I hope Avada WordPress theme 2020 review gave you the information you wanted. If you like it please don’t hesitate to share.


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