Enfold theme review 2020

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Choosing the best WordPress theme is very difficult task these days. One developer argues with other claiming his/her theme is better one. Firstly, living in this type of world is very difficult and to choose the best theme is other.

Whom to believe then?

let’s not waste time on discussing these things. Your time matters most. Enfold theme review 2020 enlightens you the features of enfold theme. The unbiased review is the only feature of WPReviews. In Enfold theme review 2020, we will be discussing on the features, dashboard options of enfold theme. And yeah conclusion too.

Enfold theme review 2020

#1. What is enfold?

Christian Budschedl, known as kreisi, is an Austrian web designer, digital author, and a technologist. He is a founder at Enfold is a multipurpose responsive theme.  Enfold theme is best rated top seller at theme forest. It has more than 100,000 users. Best rating on theme forest says its a great theme. After reading further you will know everything about the enfold.

#2 Features of Enfold theme

Features are the known thing to a passionate WordPress user. I suppose everyone here knows the features of enfold theme. So in this section of enfold theme review 2020, I will only discuss features in one line.

finally, Some of the features of enfold WordPress theme are:

  1. Great Visual layout editor with the live editor.
  2. Integrations with top plugins like Woo Commerce, Yoast SEO, Mail chimp Newsletter, WPML, BB press forums, etc.
  3. More than 24 attractive demos and single click demo import.
  4. Incredible support and free premium updates.
  5. Drag and drop template builder.
  6. “No Rocket Science” called by enfold, means the person who knows little programming can easily use enfold theme.
  7. Responsive design and retina ready.
  8. translation ready.
  9. Portfolio pages and Ajax portfolio.
  10. Contact form builder.
  11. Layerslider slideshow in 2D and 3D.
  12. Unique unlimited sidebars and color options.
  13. Child theme support and enfold plugin available.
  14. Strong SEO foundation and lot more.

After this section, we are taking you to the most important topic i.e, Dashboard of the Enfold theme.

#3 Dashboard of Enfold Theme

The dashboard is unseen unless you purchase the theme. Firstly, you are new to the dashboard. After that, you may be little confused how to use dashboard. You may not know what features are available in which option.No doubt, this part of Enfold theme review 2020 will make you clear about this theme.

Let web masters and beginners feel live experience of this theme.

Here, I will only explain the theme option of the Enfold theme.

So here we go…

a)Theme options:

The homepage of the theme options includes front page setting. It allows you to select the page in which you can display the blog posts.It allows you to add the logo. You can use the URL or the ID of the logo if it is already uploaded. The required dimension of the logo is required. Similarly, you can upload the favicon. You can turn on/off the pre- loader. In the same way,you can enable/disable the lightbox model. Not everyone knows to use the advanced layout option. You can lock this option. After locking this option only admin can delete and add the template builder element. And unique feature I found in this theme is allowing the user to use the schema HTML markup. You might all be familiar to

b) General layout:

Next option of on the dashboard of enfold theme is the General layout. At the very first, live preview of the current layout is shown. Under this option, there are two tabs: layout and dimensions. In layout, you can choose boxed, stretched and fixed frame layout. Next, you can add main menu and logo at the top of the site or within the sidebar.

In dimensions, Enfold WordPress theme have the option whether to make your site responsive or not.  If this option is checked, enfold theme allows you to add the maximum container width. You can add CSS unit either in Pixel or in %. Another great feature I’ve figured out is providing the user to set the content|sidebar ratio. For example 62%|31% means content portion is 62% of the total and sidebar portion is 31%.  Enfold theme allows you to set the combined width of the sidebar and content.

Live preview saves your precious time from being wasted.

c) General styling:

General setting the next option to be discussed in the Enfold theme review 2020. Firstly, the predefined color scheme is displayed. There are more than 2 dozens of the colors. Below that there is the great feature of the Enfold WordPress theme, live preview. I want to thank kreisi for adding this feature, thank you, sir. logo, main content, alternate content, footer, socket, body background, and font are the tabs present.

logo, main content, alternate content, footer, and socket have same options. It allows you to set the logo area background color, alternate background color, primary color, highlight color, font color, etc. Similarly, you can upload the background image. If you want to do some quick CSS changes then quick CSS box is also available. For the major change, you can use the custom.css file or the Enfold child theme.

Body background can only be used under boxed or framed layout. Rest of the options are same.

Font utilizes the Google fonts and allows you to use the wide range of the custom font.  Different font for header and content can also be done. It allows you to set the default content font size.  Quick CSS option is always at the bottom.

d) Advanced styling:

So far we have explained 3 options of the enfold dashboard in Enfold theme review 2020. This is selective styling. You can select the particular element and style it. For example: if you select <p> element then it allows you to style font size, line height, font weight, and top and bottom margin.  You can edit elements like HTML tags, headings, main menu, widget titles, button, etc.


This option on Enfold theme dashboard contains further tabs. I will explain each tab in different paragraphs.

Header layout option allows you to set the menu and logo position. It also allows you to set the menu as text or the icon. Similarly, you can set the header size to large, slim or custom size. You can set the header style as per your wish. Breadcrumb can also be displayed.

Header behavior allows you to set the sticky menu. Similarly, if you want shrinking header you can check the option. But this feature is ignored on smartphones and tablets. You can also unstick the sidebar as per your wish. And the important part is it allows the option to let the logo and menu position to adapt to the browser window.

Extra elements allow you to set the search option icon in the main menu. Similarly, it allows you to display the social icon in the header positions. No doubt, you can add the secondary header. You can add the important phone numbers in header position if you like.

As defined by the enfold theme, transparency header is

 When creating/editing a page you can select to have the header be transparent and display the content (usually a fullwidth slideshow or a fullwidth image) beneath. In those cases you will usually need a different Logo and Main Menu color which can be set here.

You will be clear after watching the screenshot.

You can upload transparency logo. It also allows you to set the transparency menu color.

The mobile menu option allows you to set the header menu for the smartphones(browser width less than 768px and 990px). You can select one of the options as per your need.Further, you can hide the sub menu items.

f) Sidebar setting:

This is the sixth option to be discussed in Enfold theme review 2020. In this option, you can add the sidebar to the archive page(either left sidebar or right one).No doubt, it allows you to add the sidebar to the blog page. Similarly, you can add the sidebar on the single post entries, on pages. The interesting one is you can add the sidebar on smartphones too. Enfold allows you to create the custom widget areas.

g) Footer:

In the sixth option in Enfold theme review 2020, There is not much to explain the footer. It allows you to set footer widget or socket or both. You can add up to 5 footer columns. Further, it allows you to write the copyright text at the bottom of the site. You can also display the social icons in the socket. Till now I’ve found this theme more easy to use.

h)Blog layout:

Enfold theme WordPress allows you to style your blog in three different ways business, modern business and elegantBlog layout allows you to choose one of the given five options. Under the option, two of the option I would discuss is grid view and advanced layout editor. Advanced layout editor allows you to build your own unique layout for the blog posts.

Under single post option, you can choose the style for the single blog post. You can also control the related entry display. For sure you don’t want every blog meta element in a single blog post. So it allows you to choose selected blog meta elements. blog meta element included are: blog post author, blog post comment count, blog post category, blog post date, blog post allowed HTML tag, blog post tag.

Similarly, you can display only selected social icons on your blog page. Social icons include- Twitter, Facebook, google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc.

i) Social profile:

Dealing with eight options above, we are in the next option in the Enfold theme review 2020. You can add the social link in this option. After adding the social link , you can activate this in the header, footer, etc. It’s quite easy to use.

j) Newsletter:

Newsletter via MailChimp allows you to use the newsletter functionality with this theme. In order to use the newsletter feature you need to create the MailChimp account and after that API key should be inserted in the option below.

k) Google services:

Enfold theme allows you to add the Google Analytics tracking codeAfter adding the code it is automatically added to the Google. It has made the life for some of the lazy bones. Google map is the next option. Google has changed the way their map service work. The new pages which want to use the google map need to register the API key for their website. Google map elements of this theme may not work properly. In that case, you need to register new API key.

l) Demo import:

Enfold theme demo is the great feature for every user. No doubt, Demo is the main attraction of any themes. Allowing to import demo helps not only the beginner users but also webmasters. They can view how the page is set up, how the templates are used, how the portfolios are used and lot more. Enfold theme provides demo related to different fields(multipurpose).This is one of the great features of this theme. Now we are approaching towards the end of the Enfold theme review 2020.

m) Import/ export and theme updates:

Import/Export allows you to download the config file which contains the theme settings. You can also use the config file to import the theme setting to the next server. One thing to be carefully noted that once you upload theme setting file, the new setting file will override the previous one. And once the theme is overridden you can’t restore the previous one. It also allows you to upload icon font. Default icon font cannot be deleted. In fact, it’s better to delete to the unwanted icon font as it increases the page load time.

After entering the theme forest username and theme forest API key, you can get the notification of the latest updates.Updates are free of cost.

So these are the options on the dashboard of the Enfold theme.

Final Words:

In my opinion, this theme is very simple and powerful. I’ve been using this theme for a long time. what I found is it is very user-friendly, great support forums, live preview makes it worthy. I think most of the theme doesn’t allow to use Schema markup in the theme option.

If you are blogger it is a very good theme for you. Not only for blogger but it is a very good theme for every field. Even with the simple theme, it has responsive feature. So it’s a great theme to buy.

It is the best-rated theme in theme forest. Even it has some issues, but they are not the major issue.You could compare “enfold vs avada” by reading avada theme review by WPReviews.

Enfold theme cost $59.

Website using this theme has great speed. Even the cost is not much. Budget fits every normal developer. I would rate this theme 4.7/5 on the basis of speed, support forums, and cost.


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