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Every WordPress developer is eager for Gutenberg editor. I am eagerly waiting for it too.

Actually, many of the users are not so happy hearing Gutenberg editor. But the real WordPress developers are too happy hearing this news because they know that Gutenberg editor makes Theme developer as well as theme user life easier in many of ways.

Gutenberg is the need for the future of WordPress.

WordPress is not only CMS platform.It is the platform for sharing the knowledge, platform for living your life, and platform that helps you to connect with lots of other developer in this ecosystem.

Importantly, a business platform for entrepreneurs.

One cannot rule out the market of WordPress in near future. If you talk about present, 30% of top 10 million sites uses WordPress as CMS for their site. You can check full details here.

You know the users are never limited. They are now, and they will be tomorrow. It is never limited.

So you never know when WordPress will stop growing.

Why 30% of top site use WordPress?

You know WordPress is for every single people in this world. They never charge you any amount to use as they are self hosted by WordPress for free.

They are for people and by the people. You ask why? Well there are many evidence that shows it. One of many evidence is – it supports your local language. There cannot be better example than this.

There is huge challenge for WordPress too. You never know what is in the mind of user. User might feel difficult while writing article, publishing contents, and using plugins.

But with other growing CMS platform like squarespace and wix, WordPress faces little challenge.

WordPress user may face difficulty with the text editor and customizing in the WordPress. Probability is that they may switch to Squarespace, Wix and other platforms.

Why WordPress needs Gutenberg Editor?

Well, when you power more than million sites, you must give great user experience and user interface. From the release of WordPress it has similar type of text editor.

We all know, user feels easy to use the page builder as they  provide great UI/UX.

You know installing a lot of plugin make the site slow sometimes. This is also bad user experience especially for beginners.

Wasting hours of time for searching best plugin for page builder is obviously a bad idea.

So, WordPress has this reason too for developing a great great Gutenberg editor.

Gutenberg editor

Preview of Gutenberg plugin

I thought more than million business are still offline. Obviously one day they must come online because world is going digital every day. Running offline business will be bad idea in the future.

Gutenberg is so attractive and easy that it encourages those business to use WordPress(Gutenberg).

So this might be one of the important reason for Gutenberg.

These might be some of the reason for Gutenberg.

He has little fear…

Low rating of Gutenberg plugin is little pain for Matt Mullenweg and his folks. Users have their own problem. Many of them think that Gutenberg editor is never ready for core. Many of them also tell not to force Gutenberg editor on them.

Gutenberg editor ratings

Good ones

I don’t know why they are so negative about this. So, is this work of page builder plugin developer to post such low rating? lol 😀

Gutenberg editor ratings

Bad ones


Will Gutenberg Editor provide better User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to their user?

I know Gutenberg will never let down any of the WordPress users. They are on testing phase and you know its not being released it.

Matt at this time is listening to the review of the user and analyzing the problems that users are facing.

Most of the question are asked by the client. Client are unsure whether Gutenberg editor will break the code or dis function their theme or not.

Matt Mullenweg said in one interview that “Gutenberg is moving faster than anything within WordPress for past five or even ten years. Direction changes are done quickly”

Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg editor preview

Currently Gutenberg editor is in testing phase. Only some of the user have access to the Gutenberg.They have tested Gutenberg editor on 70 people in a conference recently.

Mullenweg said more people will be pushed for using the Gutenberg editor in testing phase. Gutenberg will also be pushed to where it will reach to many users. After it will shift towards sites.

Mullenweg said in one interview that, ” we will beta it there[], in parallel to coming push”

For early tester, if you face any problem using gutenberg on, you can directly contact automatic for solving your issues.

How is Gutenberg Editor developed?

There are three developing phases of Gutenberg editorbox model editor(Gutenberg Block Editor), putting those block on the customizer , and themes compatible to Gutenberg (say twenty nineteen or Gutenberg theme)

Gutenberg editor Tutorial

A short tutorial

These all were not possible without the custom html, CSS , js and others. You know how it makes easy for the users.

Text editor is now replaced by the Box editors. In the second phase, box editor is set to widget area, menus, Footers, contact form and more.

The gif shows short WordPress Gutenberg tutorials.

Gutenberg editor

And  the last phase it includes Gutenberg included theme (say twenty nineteen). So, it will be lot easier now.

How Gutenberg Editor helps WordPress users and WordPress Developers?

You know present editor of WordPress is boring. You can’t create great templates without plugins, you can’t create attractive page builder without any plugin. This makes WordPress premium rather than free.

Gutenberg Editor not only help user. It also  helps every agency, theme developer and plugin developer on the WordPress ecosystem.

Developer agencies will be able to develop attractive templates for their users, without any plugins and without breaking anything or dealing with custom post types.

They will be able to replace meta boxes (not replace actually).

Meta boxes will be included in particular area and Gutenberg editor will tell you in which place it will be.

Plugin developer will be able to integrate into every part of WordPress including page, post, custom post type.

Theme developers will not need extra plugin or build their own page builder. In doing this, loss is there for theme developer. For all developers, you know why. 😀

May be web hosts get better sign up rates, because Gutenberg may increase the number of web users or switching of user from other platform to WordPress.

Most importantly it has the rich snippet feature that tells the search engine what the website is all about. So, there might not be need of schema plugins.

So you can help WordPress make better place in the future if you are with Gutenberg now. We can contribute little to WordPress by talking about the Gutenberg on meet-ups, WordCamps and in communities.

When will Gutenberg Editor be released?

Well, there is interesting answer to this question. Gutenberg Editor will be released “when it is ready”.

Many of you might think April 2018 is the date, because seeing past trends, WordPress releases its updates on April.

But its not true in this case.

Matt said the concerned developer must “stick with” April as their guideline for the release date.

We should help WordPress! 

For success of Gutenberg, every WordPress user and developer must take this positively. I know WordPress is not stupid to change current editor for users bad experience.

In fact, they want to make WordPress better place and WordPress sites beauty queen.

Advanced Custom Field will not be replaced sooner. It may have capability of replacing these fields. But Mullenweg believes he had not said ACF will be replaced.

Lets see this new model and decide whether it is great experience or not.

Will be back soon with the new posts. Please subscribe for reading blogs from me when posted. Do comment if you have anything in your mind. I will be happy to reply all of your comments. Cheers!

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