Hello everyone, today I am going to share you my List of plugins for the Review Post.

Every WordPress user thinks how other user writes, What tools they use, and how they really make out of it. I do have this type of feeling too. I think very few people share like I am doing right now.

Anyways, most of the plugins that I am using are not premium. Not premium because I am very new and I believe to spend after I feel its best time to spend.

Not at this time though.

What are WordPress Plugins?

Plugins are package of code or piece of software that contains group of functions and added to WordPress website. This helps to increase the functionalities of WordPress website. This are written in php.

If you don’t know single line of code or say you are beginner to php then WordPress plugins are made for you. WordPress Plugins can be downloaded from WordPress directory or directly uploading it. Plugins are from 3rd party.

Why are plugins important?

Plugins are important in many aspects. Most of the people don’t know how to code. And many people who understands code doesn’t know every thing about code. Due to this reason, Plugins are very important.

Plugins provides additional functionalities to the website which provides great user interface to your users.

So, these are many of few importance of plugins

So which plugins do I use?…

There are all together 21 plugins I am using right now. Here I will list my 10 best plugins. Hope you agree with me.

List of plugins for the Review Post

#1. Akismet

Almost every site have akismet plugin in their website. And i have it too. It is the best anti-spam plugin and protects your site from spams and malacious content. It checks your comments and filters out the spam. So, you must have this tool if you are blogging. API key for personal blog is free.

#2. WP smush

This is one of the most essential plugin you must have in your website. Especially, if you are blogging. It reduces the size of the image without affecting its quality. Though,It doesn’t reduce by much. But, reducing the unnecessary size is always vital.

Sometimes, site loads slow due to heavy image size. And page speed is always vital for SEO. Also image optimization plays vital role in SEO. Therefore, I use this plugin.

#3. Schema

It is another great plugin for your website. Schema markup is the code that you put on the website so that it helps the search engine return more informative result to the user.

I do use it for the SEO purpose.

#4. Short code ultimate

It is the mandatory plugin for your WordPress website. It has every single feature you need while writing. Here are the elements that are present in the Short code ultimate.

So out of these elements, mine favorite ones is “note” for giving the important information, “tabs” for writing features, “Button” for adding attractive buttons, “Columns” for writing Pros and Cons.

These are vital for engaging the users. Why is engagement required? Image below explains precisely.

#5. TablePress

TablePress is for making the tables. As there is no easy plugin to make the tables, I use this plugin as this is free. It helps you to create the responsive tables. It is more attractive and easy to use. Without doubt, it is mobile friendly. You must download TablePress extension for using responsive feature.

#6. Mailchimp for WP

This plugin is used for your newsletter subscription.Adding the custom fields to the form is an easy task for beginners. You can have the sign-up link for your sign-up forms.

Mailchimp is free up to 2000 subscriber. I use this plugin for sending the newsletter to my subscribers.

#7. Yoast SEO

This is the most important plugin of all. I use this plugin for my keyword, for SEO and for my writing.

Yoast SEO is vital for SEO. It provides feature to add the meta-description for SERP(Search Engine Result Page),slug, and SEO title. It checks whether your content is good for SEO or not. There are certain factor that Yoast considers for your SEO.

It also helps to check whether your content is easily readable by user or not, whether your content have more passive voice, or less transition word, etc.

It comes in free and premium version. I am using free version now.

#8. W3 total cache

I use this plugin for my site speed. There are different factor that google considers for your site speed. Leverage browser caching, image optimization, rendering issue, server response time, JS and CSS minification and much more.

I found this plugin is more effective as well as easy to use. Plus point, it is free but not completely.

#9. Insert Header and footers

It’s time killer when you go to c-panel account and find where is header and footer, and finally copy and paste the code. This plugin is easy to use for everyone.

For example: Google and Pinterest ask you to paste the verification code to your header meta so that ownership is verified. Not only these but other site also do this same thing.

For beginners, it is always difficult when they hear code, especially, when they hear header-meta. So, using this plugin you can directly copy and paste the code and the task is over.

#10. Advanced Excerpt

I use advanced excerpt for my homepage. You can find there is “read more” option in every post. I do using this plugin as I find this plugin easy and effective.

So these are List of plugins for the Review Post. I have reviewed one of the best plugin, Visual Composer. So, add your favorite plugins in the comment box below. Thank you for reading. I will be again with new post. Till then have a good day.

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